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Look, It's Baseball

Afterimages via Thirty West

To be a Yankee fan is to be a demon of sorts. I am from a suburban New Jersey town that at the time was considered working class. 

Starry Night

Em has traveled a great distance and knows there is far yet to go. She figures she will be dust and energy long before she arrives at the place toward which she hurdles. Her newly condensed oceans boil. She is unsettled.



The Disconnect

In the morning Tom contemplated leaving the crash site. He looked over at the mound where he had buried Colonel Ames, the handle of the shovel sticking up as a makeshift marker.


Small Atoms

Cluster (out of print), Derelict Lit (out of print)

Three purple balloons floated in the winter air. They sometimes bumped into each other and said excuse me like they didn't mean it.

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